Some of us are struggling with social distancing and since today is International Day of Happiness here are three things you can do to stay positive. According to Cosmopolitan, here are few things to keep you vibrating higher: 1.  Enjoy the small things.  Like the ability to sleep in if you’re out of work, the […]


How many times a day do you look to coffee, soda or candy in your quest to stay awake during work or school? If often,…


You really are trying to be healthy…you go to the gym, you drink water, you even eat healthier. So why do you still feel so…


President Barack Obama made his last stop on his American Energy tour right here in Columbus Ohio. Obama spoke in front of a packed gymnasium inside the huge fitness facility at The Ohio State University. During his discussion on American Energy, President Obama talked about more plans to help increase oil production, oil shipping, wind […]

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Via: Sometimes those extra 10 minutes of sleep we get from hitting the snooze button in the morning are not enough. For years we have been told the adequate amount of sleep each person should get is 8 hours. Even if we are fortunate to get that amount of sleep, it may not be […]