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Pinterest — 1, Hopeful Bakers & Crafters — 0


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You know that feeling you get when you’ve successfully completed a Pinterest project? Yeah, me neither. I once learned how to do the sock bun, but it didn’t look nearly as good as the original pin. This site makes you believe you can be a badass baker or a professional photographer, and then crushes your dreams when you fail. It’s depressing, but entertaining for so many others.

1. S’mores Cookies

I’d probably still eat this. No need to waste a perfectly good amount of chocolate.

2. String Art Balloons

A for effort.

3. Family Portrait

This one’s going on the wall.

4. Cookie Monsters


5. Pepper Eggs

Is it weird that I still want to try this? Despite the guaranteed disaster?


6. Marbled Nails

Not even going to attempt this one.

7. Chickadees


8. Tree Painting

I honestly feel I could do this one. Maybe.

9. Crayon Art


10. Kit Kat Cake

Close enough?

11. Waffle Bites

This just looks messy. I’ll pass.

12. Cookie Holders

Nice try.

13. Minion Cake

Legit laughed out loud at this one.

14. Pumpkin Baby

I know, I’d cry too.

15. Christmas Card

Of all the ones listed, this picture is probably the most successful.

16. Door Wreath

Sad wreath doesn’t like the holidays.

17. Hair Whip

Can’t even deal.

Today’s lesson: