Is one of R. Kelly’s girlfriends ready to talk? It certainly looks this way. A page seemingly belonging to Joycelyn Savage recently posted a cryptic message. Check it out below: According to, this message was posted by a page that appears to belong to Joycelyn Savage. The caption read, “I’m Sorry.” Fans are commenting […]

In very sad news, the girlfriend of Cleveland Brown’s defensive end, Chris Smith, has died in a tragic car accident yesterday (September 11th). To make things even more gut-wrenching, she had just given birth 4 weeks ago. According to, Petara Cordero, who gave birth four weeks ago to the couples first daughter, was with Smith […]

Millions of people have been captivated by the real-life drama of the Ava DuVernay directed Netflix film, ‘When They See Us.’ DuVernay says that one of the questions people ask her the most is, did Korey Wise ever reconnect with his girlfriend after being released from prison. Here is the answer to that question. According […]

Prison Bae, Jeremy Meeks, is taking advantage of all of his opportunities. He is expecting a baby with Heiress girlfriend, Chloe Green.   Meeks and Green started dating after he was released from prison for grand theft auto and he was still married to his wife, Melissa. Meeks filed for divorce last October. He was spotted […]

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Would you fight over a dead man? An Ohio funeral ended with a battle royale with mourners pepper sprayed. The widow of the deceased man from Dayton, Jacqueline Finley, was shocked to see a strange woman say she was her husband’s girlfriend. Understandably, Finley was upset with the side chick, Nicole Corbitt, and asked her to […]

There’s nothing worse than a serious slip of the tongue — on national television. South African soccer player Mohammad Anas may have to hear his wife’s wrath after his recent interview in which he thanked her, and his girlfriend. After a two-goal performance in Free State vs. Cape Town on Friday, Anas told reporters, “And I appreciate […]


Revenge is a dish best served completely engulfed in flames. This is common knowledge. But the hardest part about enacting flaming revenge on those who’ve wronged you is keeping that anger in check, lest you skip important details in the revenge process like MAKE SURE YOU’RE SETTING THE RIGHT CAR ON FIRE. A Florida woman […]

UPDATED Tuesday, September 29, 2015 1:45 PM ET Jim Carrey has released a statement following the apparent suicide of girlfriend Cathriona White. “I am shocked…

Welcome back to another episode of Divorce Court where accusations and allegations of adultery are pretty damn common and pretty damn ridiculous. In one recent…

Breakups suck. With any breakup comes some losses, things you can’t keep in your life post-relationship and will undoubtedly miss. Jasmine Sanders takes us down memory lane…

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  Thank God President Obama has a good sense of humor because this joke could have completely gone the wrong way.   Obama was in Chicago getting his votes in early when a guy two machines down from him decided he wanted to be funny with the one liner “don’t touch my girlfriend” who was […]

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If you’re in a long distance relationship, this painfully accurate list delivered by Jasmine Sanders might be too real for you to listen to!  Click on the audio…