Kobe Bryant

Oprah Winfrey went viral this weekend after she took a tumble on stage! What’s so ironic is she was in the middle of giving a speech on balance when she stumbled over herself and fell all the way down to the ground. Watch the video below, and you better not laugh…. The incident happened during […]

Ebay is doing the right thing by the Bryant Family. The company has pulled items that people are trying to sell from Kobe’s Memorial Service. Unfortunately, some of the people that attended the memorial are trying to make a profit off of it by selling the property on ebay. According to TMZ,  one XL shirt […]

Kobe just won an award that nobody in the NBA has. NBA legend Kobe Bryant just received a gold award that his counterparts can’t say they have and many probably won’t achieve. The former Laker won an Oscar for Best Animated Short for “Dear Basketball.” Kobe made history for not just being the only basketball player […]

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have deeply apologized to Australia after smuggling two dogs in to the country.

It was an emotional evening for Kobe Bryant as he said his final farewells on and off the court last night.

After a 20-year career, Kobe Bean Bryant will play his last NBA game against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night.

The 2015-2016 NBA season will be Kobe Bryant‘s last. The five-time champion with the Los Angeles Lakers announced the news in a poem on The Players’ Tribune, aptly called, “Dear Basketball.” The poem periodically shut down the internet, as viewers flooded the site to read the farewell. Kobe’s 20th season is capped with NBA milestone moments […]