Mahalia Jackson

Owwwwww!! Go Jilly from Philly! Jill Scott got herself a big acting gig. Reports say that she will play the Queen of Gospel Mahalia Jackson in her biopic Mahalia! She also has some heavy hitters that will be producing the flick. According to HollywoodReporter, the biopic is executive produced by Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah and […]

The Mahalia Jackson film starring American  Idol winner Fantasia Barrino  will explore the life of gospel singer Mahalia Jackson in a new biographical film based on the Jules Schwerin book “Got to Tell It: Mahalia Jackson, Queen of Gospel.” The New York Post reports that the $23.9 million film, to be titled “Mahalia,” is endorsed […]

Mahalia Jackson is called the Queen of Gospel for good reason.  She had the soul and booming voice that could make even the hardest heart soften. She was born  October 26, 1911 and died  January 27, 1972.  She gave gospel music a place on the front stage as she appeared on the Variety and Talk […]

Gospel news this week contains the announcement that Shirley Caesar Re-Signs and Fantasia will lip-sync in new film. These stories and more for  Gospel News this Week.

There are moments captured on  film which leave an invaluable social etching on the soul of society. Gospel music is one form of music that has been used over the years in movies to set the tone.