Everybody has their opinion on Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones relationship. I mean, she is now openly dating the bandmate of her ex, who she has two kids with. Some feel they should do what makes them happy and others feel they are taking things way to far. Meek Mill offered his opinion when the […]

Congratulations to rapper Meek Mill! He has been using his platform to the best of his ability since being released from jail a few months ago. He is finally going to get some recognition for it from Billboard. Meek Mill will be honored with Billboard’s first ever R&B/ Hip-Hop Power Players’ Impact Award. The purpose […]

Get Exclusive News & Contest to Your Inbox:   Reports say that Meek Mill was supposed to go to the White House to have a meeting with President Trump about prison reform, but it looks like that visit may not happen.   Meek Mill’s visit was to discuss prison reform & how people of color are treated […]

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You sure you want to do that bruh? Meek Mill has been using his freedom to make a change in justice reform and we love it. However, Meek is set to do something nobody has been able to do, get the Trump administration on board. According to TMZ, the “Dreams and Nightmare” rapper is set […]

  Meek Mill is a Free Man!! He has had his 1st quick interview after being released in which he stated, “I’m in a Daze, Its Unbelievable.” He spoke to the paper on his way to a Philadelphia 76ers playoff game where he rang the opening  bell. His friend, 76ers owner Michael Rubin, picked him up from jail […]

Things aren’t looking too good for incarcerated Meek Mill. According to TMZ,  Judge Genece Brinkley, has given a resounding No to the rappers bail request. Judge Brinkley feels that Meek is a flight risk and a danger to the community. She also does not believe in the results of his clean drug tests and suggests […]

Drake is the latest rapper to chime in and show support for incarcerated rapper Meek Mill. Just a few months ago, these two were going head to head with diss records against each other forcing people to choose sides on who they thought was the better emcee. Just this weekend while performing on stage, Drake […]

The beef between these exes is far from over.

This is the year of hip hop beefs. Fresh off the explosion that was Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross is now revealing his own feelings about the Queens rapper. The boss is pulling all the stops for his new album Rather You Than Me, which includes calling out his former industry friends like Birdman and […]


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Nicki's L.A. mansion has been burglarized, and over $200K worth of property was stolen amid visible signs of forced entry.