In true insensitive 50 Cent fashion, he has made a joke on social media about Dwayne Wade’s trans-gendered daughter, Zaya, and was met with a lot of mixed responses. 50 posted the meme below to his IG. Check it out below: The rapper posted a meme of R. Kelly seated next to D Wade at a fashion […]

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Barack needs to join the beard gang ASAP! We’re not scared to say it but Barack Obama is one fine ass man (with all respect Michelle). Definitely is one of the sexiest president’s we ever had and his intelligence makes him a full package. However, the level of fineness escalated when someone photoshopped a beard on the 44th president […]

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The comedian picked an outfit that had him getting dragged from 2017 to 2018. Steve Harvey always looks to dress to impress but he may be reevaluating his fashion sense after what he was caught wearing during the New Years Eve special on Fox. Harvey was looking nice and warm in an all-white getup with […]


Buckeye Nation is ready for tonight’s National Championship game! Social media is buzzing and memes are all over the internet. I saw this one and thought it was cute. Go Bucks! Are you rolling with the Bucks or the Ducks? Take our poll below.

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  If you use Twitter and Instagram, you’ve probably seen Martin Baker’s image used in a number of popular memes. Well, it turns out Baker — whose identity was previously unknown — was one of 125 people who attended a rally weeks ago in support of the police officer who killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown earlier this month, […]


Uh oh, did someone hit a nerve? This meme has many up in arms about two things Black women hold near and dear to their hearts, their kids and weave. Do you find this offense? Take the poll below and let me know.

The Internet has changed everything we do from talking on the phone to how we watch TV. And since popular images are always great Halloween…

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No one is saying that Charles Ramsey isn’t worthy of the “hero” mantle. He helped save three women who were held captive — brutally — in his Cleveland neighborhood for over a decade. But the Internet’s instant meme-ification of this man — a lower-income black man talking about a horrible crime, played on repeat at the expense of stereotypes and with the […]