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In true insensitive 50 Cent fashion, he has made a joke on social media about Dwayne Wade’s trans-gendered daughter, Zaya, and was met with a lot of mixed responses. 50 posted the meme below to his IG.

Check it out below:

The rapper posted a meme of R. Kelly seated next to D Wade at a fashion show with thought bubbles over their heads. R. Kelly’s thought bubble said, “Heard you had a daughter now” and Wade’s thought bubble said, “U touch her I’ll kill ya.The caption read, “😆LOL NOW THIS SOME FUNNY SHIT. According to PulseofRadio, 50 received backlash for the meme from followers, with one person saying, “Actually not funny at all. That’s some bad taste in comedy.” Another added, “Son you’re outta pocket.” I don’t think we are surprised at 50 Cents antics anymore.

What do you think? Was this tasteless or just his opinion?