Rock them curls FLOTUS! Michelle Obama has always been on point since being thrown into the public light being former First Lady. She has given us classic hair moments but when she rocked out her hair natural Black Twitter couldn’t handle it. Could you imagine what would happen if Michelle walked out the White House with […]

The OITNB star took to Instagram to show the world that she 'woke up like dis' and doesn't regret it one bit.

I know I am not alone on this natural hair journey. I have officially been natural since 2009 (when I did the big chop,) but I have found out that this journey is ongoing. I am excited to take you along with me so that we can share tips and feel not so alone as […]

One young lady has inspired girls to love themselves and their hair with her award-winning comic book,BuzzFeed reports. Troubled by her natural tresses and skin tone, 7-year-old…

Say good-bye to Viagra, and hello to spider venom? Listen to the audio player to hear about the new study that says spider venom is…

  While so many of us were praising Solange for her bold modern New Orleans last weekend,  many too to the internet to insult her and Blue Ivy for wearing their natural hair! Is natural black hair really that bad?  So many people are insulted by natural hair and use many choice words such as […]

  Last night’s episode was arguably the most jaw-dropping yet as Professor Annalise Keating, her staff and law school students juggled getting one client off for insider…

In the last several years, young Black women have grown out their relaxers in droves, counseling each other in dorms, in salons, and online, about how to care for their natural hair. The process is an intimidating one for many young women who decide to transition, particularly for those who have worn chemically-relaxed hair since […]

Hello Beautiful! Are you natural, thinking about going natural, or currently transitioning to natural hair?  If so, and you’re wondering, “What do I do with my hair”, then you are not alone.  In fact, styling and maintaining natural hair is one of the hottest topics in hair care.  Thousands of women have made the transition; […]

VIA Written by T. Cole – It may be that I’ve worked in a salon for nearly the past 10 years, or it could be that I have a wide network of friends and associates all over the country. From my hometown of Akron, to OSU, to the large church congregations I’ve been a part […]