Looks like Urban Meyer is pulling a Michale Jordan!  The Jacksonville Jaguars have announced that the former Ohio State Buckeyes coach has accepted the position of head coach for the NFL team.  


    A Cleveland Pastor is has gathered up all of his faith and has met with an attorney with strong conviction and intention to sue the NFL. Pastor Dave Daubenmire is not pleased with what he calls, the porn show, that appeared on his television screen during the halftime show of Superbowl LIV. According […]

Jay Z, Beyonce, and Blue Ivy caught a lot of flack for sitting during the National Anthem during Sunday nights big game. Tons of people had their opinion on the Carter’s patriotism, not Jay Z is speaking on why they didn’t stand, and it’s not what you think. In the video, when asked by the […]

What’s up Columbus, this is Sean Anthony and Hov received a lot of backlash when he held a press conference to announce the Roc Nation and NFL partnership.  I knew it was just a matter of time that his influence would come into fruition. Juan Perez (aka O.G. Juan) the President of Roc Nation Sports […]


Looks like Jay-Z’s deal with the NFL is rolling full steam ahead. Reports say Roc Nation and NFL has made its first donation of $400k to two Chicago charities. According to TMZ, the donations are part of the newly-launched Inspire Change Program, which will benefit two Chicago charities that were handpicked by Roc Nation. They chose […]

Looks like CBS Sports is putting all the rumors to rest. Despite all the talk and high hopes, Jay Z will not be the NFL’s newest team owner. According to, Jay will be the NFL’s live music entertainment strategist but there is no ownership component to this arrangement. They added that NFL and Roc […]

Last year’s Super Bowl Halftime performance was brought to you by Lady Gaga. It had now been revealed that this year’s super bowl performance will be Maroon 5. Although we would love to have music from someone of color, but with the recent boycott supporter’s of Colin Kaepernick, who was penalized for kneeling during the […]

Victor Cruz is officially retired from the NFL! The 31-year-old former Giants wide receiver did try to land a team during training camp, but was unable to do so. So he officially announced his retirement from football. He said in a statement, “The game of football has just given me so much. My journey hasn’t been the easiest; it’s […]

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Fans are protesting the Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Halftime Show by making this day about the queen. We haven’t forgotten about “nipple-gate” when Justin Timberlake revealed Janet Jackson breast for the entire world to see during the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Now since it seems that the NFL has forgiven JT but still have […]


The Houston Texans owner said in private owners meeting, “We can not allow the inmates to run the prison.” In case you had any doubt of the slave mentality the NFL may have, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair just showed the league and fans alike that it reigns true. “We can’t have the inmates running the […]


We even saw a few NFL team owners holding hands or taking a knee in solidarity to Trump’s dismay. As we reported on Friday, President Donald Trump went to Alabama for some cheap positive reinforcement from his base. While there he took the time to call athletes who take a knee in peaceful protest “son of […]


MLB Hall of Famer says the NFL is giving Kaepernick a “raw deal.” Former home run king Hank Aaron is echoing what many Colin Kaepernick supporters are saying. Aaron sat down with TV One’s Roland Martin and asked for more players to stand with Kaepernick who is fighting for a just cause. About 1,000 people rallied […]