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Hey Parents, have you talked to your graduating senior about their plans for college and how soon they plan to start? With all the uncertainties, a large percentage of seniors are opting to take a gap year and begin their freshman year of college in 2021.

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According to BusinessInsider, a lot of graduating high school seniors are deciding to do things very differently from the past. Especially after missing out on traditional graduation ceremonies, proms, and senior cut day  because of the coronavirus pandemic. A recent LendEDU survey of high school seniors found that 43 percent who hadn’t yet committed to a college and hadn’t submitted a deposit said they’re considering take a gap year and starting college next fall.

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 But it may not only be because of the pandemic, as 68 percent of that 43 percent said a gap year had been a possibility for them before the pandemic struck. Taking a gap year has slowly become more popular in the U.S., but the pandemic could affect that too, since common activities during a gap year, such as volunteering or travel, are likely to no longer be possible.

Are you ok with this parents?

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