Cardi B had a big interview, the raptress interviewed former VP Joe Biden for Elle Magazine.  In the remote conversation between the two, Cardi B advocated for policies like Medicare-for-All — which Biden doesn’t support — and racial justice. Check out the interview below: According to TheWeek, Cardi told Biden,“First and first, let me keep […]

I had a chance to speak to The Dream, who is one of my favorite songwriters today. I asked him where does he see himself in the net ten years. To my surprise, he said politics. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @SeanAnthonyLive and listen to my weekend show Sat & Sun at 4pm on […]

Rihanna has been speaking out lately about politics and this time she gives us her take on the U.S. immigration policy. check out what the bad girl had to say about making politicians listen below. While backstage at the BET Awards, Rihanna told The Root, “I think in any situation where it’s as devastating as what’s happening […]

The senate race in the 12th District is neck-and-neck. Candidates are pulling the last stops in order to get last minute votes. The Senate seat for the 12th District is in a tight race between Republican candidate Troy Balderson and Democrat Danny O’Connor.   Connor has reportedly raised more campaign money compare to Balderson which has helped […]

Maxine continues to dish out what Trump and his supporters can’t handle. The great Congresswoman Maxine Waters is not afraid of Donald Trump and his followers. Last weekend Auntie told the country to “push back” on Trump and his supporters. “Let’s stay the course. Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show […]

Democrats need all the help they can get. Though there is a new energy in the Democratic Party for 2020 it is not a guaranteed win to kick out Donald Trump out the White House. Nobody understands that more than former president Barack Obama, who has reportedly been meeting with Democratic candidates. Among the candidates […]

This dragging is brought to you for your viewing pleasures. At this point, we believe that CNN brings on commentator and Trump enthusiast Paris Dennard just for us to see him get dragged for filth. This time Paris and Republican strategist Rick Wilson debated on how we should handle the Stormy Daniels scandal that has rocked the […]

Didn’t Carson promise to watch wasteful spending? When the White House is investigating you for wrongful doing you know you done messed up. NewsOne Now reports that Trump is not happy with his favorite black guy Ben Carson’s spending as Secretary of Housing and Development (HUD) when it comes to furniture. Carson and his wife went […]

Coretta Scott King told Y’all who Sessions is. Many of you won’t find this new speech made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions surprising. The historically documented racist spoke at the National Sherriff’s Association winter conference and vowed to protect “Anglo-American Heritage” within law enforcement. Anglo-American is a fancy way to say, white people. According to CNN, […]

Who knows what message the President of the United States will deliver on Tuesday’s State of the Union Address. One thing we do know is what Ohioans expect to hear and receive from their commander and chief. 10TV asked people in Central Ohio what issues they wanted to see addressed. Everything from women’s rights, immigration, […]

When you have no comebacks to your horrible track record, HUD staff will try name calling. The press hasn’t been too kind to the illegitimate Housing and Development Secretary Ben Carson and his staff’s work in the first year of the Trump administration. Many in HUD have tried to sugar coat their shady agenda from […]