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Who knows what message the President of the United States will deliver on Tuesday’s State of the Union Address.

One thing we do know is what Ohioans expect to hear and receive from their commander and chief. 10TV asked people in Central Ohio what issues they wanted to see addressed. Everything from women’s rights, immigration, infrastructure, Keystone Pipeline and police brutality were brought up.

“It’s a big concern for me I think if I get pulled over am I going to die today? I shouldn’t have to think like that,” Lou Hunter said.


Some in Ohio may be displeased as CNN reports the president is to tackle most of his speech on his “successes” and the economy. The main focus of the administration is to keep the speech on point and cross their fingers that Trump doesn’t go off the railings.

The president’s approval rating has been and is still below 40% but many agree that it is what he does after the speech that Americans will judge him on. We need more action and fewer words.

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Source: CNN, 10TV