Would you let her touch your hair? You may have said “hell nah,” but you may be surprised at how many people are sending their coins for Rachel Dolezal hair services. The self-proclaimed “trans-racial” is now doing weaves, locks, and wigs for black women. You be the judge for yourself and check out the former NAACP […]

The former NAACP leader of the Spokane, Washington chapter releases her memoir, “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World,” on March 28. Rachel Dolezal, who recently changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo to further embrace her African “heritage” although she was born White, is still claiming she is a “woke soul […]

Rachel Dolezal became the face for challenging identity and beliefs when it was discovered that she was a white woman, living her life and identifying as a black woman. After publishing a book, receiving major backlash and becoming the laughing stock of the Internet, Dolezal is now speaking out about her current life conditions, revealing […]

Your favorite fake Black woman is back two years later with a new book on race.   Your favorite fake Black woman Rachel Dolezal recently told The Guardian that she is currently on food stamps and is on the verge of homelessness without a job. She also claims that she is struggling to take care of […]

Rachel Dolezal, appropriator of Black womanhood, reportedly plans to name her unborn sonLangston Hughes, reports the New York Daily News. Over the summer, a television news…

According to KREM 2 CBS, Rachel Dolezal confirmed she was pregnant Tuesday. She told TMZ that she was in her second trimester and is expecting her third child. Dolezal did not reveal the baby’s father. The former leader of Spokane’s NAACP chapter gained nation attention in June when her parents announced she was born Caucasian, and […]

Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who masqueraded as a Black woman for years and was exposed last month, recently stated in an interview with Vanity Fair that she still believes she is a Black woman. Dolezal was fired from her job as Spokane’s NAACP president soon after the scandal broke, and was dropped by a […]

As Rachel Dolezal continues to defend her identity as a Black woman, the 37-year-old is leaving even more people puzzled, recently claiming she might not be…

  TV critic Eric Deggans from National Public Radio is among the observers both professional and otherwise who feel that Rachel Dolezal‘s interviews on NBC didn’t…

Former Spokane, Wash. NAACP President Rachel Dolezal had her first television appearance with Matt Lauer on the Today show this morning after she was ousted by her parents as being Caucasian and not black. “I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon, and black curly hair,” Dolezal has been portraying herself as […]