Oh Wow! Imagine attending a bible study with the rest of your church parishioners on zoom and all of sudden your service is interrupted with porn images on the screen! Right in the middle of you giving God some praise, hackers barge in with disgusting images of adult and child porn. That’s what happened to […]

    A Cleveland Pastor is has gathered up all of his faith and has met with an attorney with strong conviction and intention to sue the NFL. Pastor Dave Daubenmire is not pleased with what he calls, the porn show, that appeared on his television screen during the halftime show of Superbowl LIV. According […]

Rapper/Producer Rza from the Wu-tang Clan is suing the Paws off of a Brooklyn based Dog walking company for ripping of the name of his group. Rza filed an infringement suit against “Woof-Tang Clan”saying that the name and the logo has been associated with his group since 1993. The company also had merchandise that resembled […]