At least 82,401 people in the United States have been infected with coronavirus, according to yesterday’s count by Johns Hopkins. That is a larger number than any other nation in the world, although Italy and China have only slightly lower levels of infection. An estimated 1,180 deaths have been recorded nationwide as of late yesterday. […]

What state is holding the title of ‘The Fattest State in America 2019’? Did Ohio fall anywhere on the list? Read on for more info.   According to FoxNews.com, there was a study done by WalletHub and found that Mississippi is the most obese state in the country. Ohio also made the list. Here’s a […]


For decades there’s been plenty of talk and multiple rumors regarding when or if black people would ever be adequately paid reparations for the evil manifested as slavery. Well, one New Jersey college has just made a huge multi-million-dollar commitment to pay what they feel is appropriate. According to CNN, the religious college Princeton Theological […]

Out of all the states in the union, California has ranked the top U.S. state when it comes to having a good time! According to WalletHub.com looked at 26 factors related to entertainment, nightlife, recreation like restaurants, amusement parks, golf courses, theaters, arcades, casinos, music festivals, beaches, national parks, local bars, etc. and California is […]

Have you ever wondered what U.S. city has the most billionaires roaming around? According to the Wealth-X “Billionaire Census, I got an answer for you.   When it comes to the U.S., San Francisco has the most billionaires per capita. The Silicon Valley city has one billionaire per 11,600 residents– the most per capita in […]


The United States has let a Air Craft Carrier send a message to the Iran Military. Iran was planning an attack on the US military personnel in the region. The Us responded by allowing the USS Abraham Lincoln to launch an attack on the Iran military. They wanted to send a message to the Iran […]

National News

There have been recent talks about between the US and Chinese government having a standoff in due to negotiations about a trade agreement. The recent stop has been made because there has been a 200 billion dollar tariff on trade goods from China. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   The US government […]


In an address to his nation Wednesday, Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto says his country will not pay for President Trump’s wall along U.S.-Mexico border. During his national address, Peña Nieto expressed his “regret” over Trump’s calling for the immediate building of a southern border wall, saying he will “reject the decision of the U.S. […]


  After news that Donald J. Trump won the 45th presidency many African Americans are afraid of the future of our country and took to social media to express their emotions.  But author and motivational speaker Mitchell Chance sees the election of Trump as, “The best thing that happened for blacks in 50 years!”   Sign […]

Black History Month

:29 Of “Black History” with Magic’s own Ashley London a-k-a “Stacey Dash” (LOL): First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama… the first ever African-American First Lady, as well as one of three FLOTUS’ to have a graduate degree. We love you, First Lady Obama! SOURCE: Whitehouse.gov  First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is a […]

The Pope plans to address Congress tomorrow following a mass service he will deliver tonight.   WASHINGTON, D.C. — Pope Francis immediately dove into the whirlpool…


The 39th president says he will cut back on his work and duties while undergoing treatment. ATLANTA— Former President Jimmy Carter described his cancer diagnosis…