A Columbus Ohio woman, who had a dispute with an auto company over a botched repair put an end to it all.  The woman, Tamara Boher, had car problems just like all of us have.  She took her car to a certified auto repair shop expecting it be fixed properly last July.  Also like many others the problem still occurred once she got her back.   The repair shop installed a new engine in her vehicle costing more than $3,000.  Once she noticed the problem was not corrected she complained to the company.  She sent e-mails to the company last November and this April expressing how her car was causing her many problems because the engine would not run properly. She ended up losing her job because of ill transportation.  Her finances were not able to handle that and she could not handle the stress it caused.  This morning she went to the repair shop and opened fire.  First she killed the general manger then herself.


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