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An autopsy revealed that wrestling great Randy “Macho Man” Savage died from heart disease and not from any injury sustained in his May 20 car crash.

The St. Petersburg Medical Examiner’s Office found that the 58-year-old had an enlarged heart with hardened coronary arteries. He became unresponsive while driving his Jeep Wrangler on a Florida highway in May and crashed into a tree. While the auto accident left minor cuts and bruises, the heart problems were the official cause of death of the wrestler.

At the time of his death, it was unknown whether the former wrestling star had died because of the heart issue or because the heart issue caused him to crash. The coroner said Savage was found with therapeutic levels of a number of prescribed drugs in his system and that alcohol wasn’t a factor. There was no evidence he was taking any heart medication, leading to the assumption that Savage may not have known about his condition.

His wife, Lynn, was riding in the car during the accident. Their Jeep Wrangler flipped over a concrete median into oncoming traffic before skidding into a tree. The couple were married in a beachfront ceremony in 2010