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Police around the city of Columbus are cracking down on crime. A 9-month police investigation ended June 29, 2011 after an arrest of five gang member affiliates of the One Way Bloods gang was made.

The gang has been indicted on several charges of possession and trafficking of cocaine. Neighbors have said that they have seen their share of crime including carjackings, robberies, and fights, and the area surrounding a nearby park has gotten worse. Autumn Cunningham, a resident of the area said, “the area has been so bad that children were seldom seen in the [Kobacker] park.

The police are hoping to restore the neighborhood to make it safer for everyone.

This arrest may indeed be the first step in improving the welfare of this south-side community.

In an attempt to promote peace throughout Columbus area neighborhoods, former NBA and current European and Asian basketball player, Leon Rodgers, is hosting the 5th Annual RNB “Battle for Peace” Classic on Saturday, July 9, 2011. The event will take place at 10am at Columbus East High School.

The event will include a Battle of the Bands contest, a step show exhibition and a 3-on-3 outdoor youth tournament. In addition, Channel 10′s own Tanisha Mallet will be hosting a banquet at Arlington Cafe on July 8. Attendees who have personally been impacted by violence will hear inspirational messages from community leaders about the needs to end violence in our city.

Radio One’s Paul Strong will be leading the peace rally on July 9 alongside host, City News. In addition, Deputy Chief Blackwell will be speaking at both the peace rally and banquet, and Mayor Michael Coleman will also be in attendance.


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