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I have admitted out loud that I watch the “Basketball Wives” franchise. The Miami wives is like watching a car accident, you drive by and shiver as you see the ruins of people all over the sidewalk. Watching the LA wives is equal to  watching your best girlfriends survive through life. It’s your weekly “catch-up” session.

Here are my reasons for you to turn on the show:

Reason # 1 Laura Appears To Be An Average Woman With Real Struggles

Of course, if you were following the drama between Laura and Gilbert then you know all the drama that unfolded in the last few months. A California federal court judge on  ruled against Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas’ request to block his former fiancee from appearing on reality program “Basketball Wives LA” and mentioning his name.  What are NBA players doing during the lockout? You may be surprised. Arenas claimed details of his family life with Laura Govan should not be aired on the program, The Hollywood Reporter reported. “Arenas suggests that any discussion of his family life is not sufficiently related to his celebrity to render ‘BWLA’s’ use of his identity a matter of public concern,” Judge Dolly Gee said. “This contention is belied by the tens of thousands of Twitter users who follow Arenas as he tweets about a variety of mundane occurrences.” Arenas, 29, and Govan have four children together. They split up in December and have been engaged in a contentious child support battle. Now, they are back together, but surely the fact that they are engaged shows that she too has dealt with uncertainty and the struggle of relationships.

Reason #2 Jackie’ Dedication to her marriage is outstanding

It is great too see an actually wife on the show. Not just a wife but one who wants to hold on to her marriage and is actually happy.  Jackie appears to not only be in love with her husband but she wants to be in love with him. That is a distant cry from Jennifer’s bitter relationship and Shani’s divorce. The Basketball Wives of Miami seemed to teem with the search for marriage and the repercussions of love lost. LA’s wives have substantive adult relationships and loves.

Reason #3 They are dealing with real issues

When you walk through Laura’s insecurities, you understand. When you meet her rebuilding her life with just her kids and brand new baby you soften to the ugliness that resulted in Gloria being dismissed from Miami. Remember part of the first season’s issues were over whether Laura did or did not cheat with Shaq. Jackie is dealing with the illness and imminent death of her mother. The scene in which she tries to explain to her sister that her mother’s cancer is inoperable was heart wrenching.

These are the things that separate them from just the glam and back biting of Miami’s “Basketball Wives.” They are active in real life in front of the camera. As my mother would say, flaws, warts and all are for show. Yes, it has it’s drama but these women just have a real sense of relatedness that Miami does not.

That’s what real life is. Real drama with real flaws. However you may see it. If your girls are rowdy, its Draya.  If you just want to be who you are Malaysia. If you want to hold it down for everyone that’s Jackie. Each one of them gives a real face to real womanhood. Those are my reasons for watching. What’s yours?

Here’s a taste of what you can get: