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Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes’ relationship has long been under scrutiny, especially since the couple bragged on “Basketball Wives” about how perfect their relationship was, but then abruptly called off their wedding. And who could forget that domestic dispute?

Regardless, the two are still very much together and, believe it or not, happy. And as one of the few reality couples who appear to have a solid relationship, they dished to Essence about what it’s like being parents to twin boys while keeping the spark alive.

What’s it like being parents to twin boys?

Matt: Fatherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me. They’ll be three in November. They’re just amazing little men. What I like is that no matter what goes on in our lives, I’m still their hero. Everything could be going wrong, but to them I’m Superman and I can do nothing wrong. That feels so good to me.

Gloria: The kids are hilarious. They’re so bad. (laughs) Motherhood is brilliant. It’s so challenging, but I love it. The boys are hard because they’re really rough. They look just like Matt. Kids are fun, but it’s just about balance. The boys go to school, which is my saving grace because I don’t have a nanny. If I can’t get it done before 3pm then I’m just going to have to do it tomorrow. I also coach girls varsity basketball. My boys are so young that they don’t get it yet, but I always tell them, “Mommy has to go work… Mommy works for you.” They also know that daddy plays for the Lakers.

Gloria, how do you and Matt keep things exciting? Do you have date nights?

We’re super sappy. We’re into the rose petals and candles and balloons. He leaves me notes everywhere — like in my car, my purse, and places I would never think to look in, like my sunglasses case — and then I just find them throughout the day. They’re really brilliant notes. He’s always encouraging and supportive. He’s so cute. We used to have date night a lot, but now that the boys are older, we stay up later, so it’s hard. We have this really cool balcony that overlooks the water that’s very romantic and chill and we end up there just talking. We catch each other up. We get up and we’re like, wow, it’s 1 o’clock in the morning. We try to chill. We used to go on walks all the time, but with my schedule and his schedule it’s hard. Plus, I’m trying to do “Dancing with the Stars” next season so it’s just going to get even worse. I’m excited. I love to dance… I love to cut a rug. It’s fun just to let it loose.

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