2011-2012 is becoming the year of Ohio State University Crime Alerts.

On Tuesday night, a victim was walking near the corner of Neil Ave and 8th Ave around 7pm when two men approached the student and reportedly told him that they had a gun and to remove his backpack. The suspects were described as two African-American men under 20 years of age, approximately 6 feet with a thin build.

This has been the 5th crime alert for the area this month, and the 2nd this week. There has been suspicion as to whether the suspects in these crimes are linked.

Is the campus area really increasing in crime or, is this just the first year where crimes are being actively reported?

Aaron Peacock, a 3rd year Criminology major was one of the most recent victims of a crime this past Sunday evening. However, his crime was much unlike the others, being that the suspects didn’t demand money, or draw a gun.

Aaron’s father, Scott Peacock, had this to say about the incident:

“I think that this is a gang initiation because they will randomly pick somebody to attack, because Aaron said they didn’t say anything to him about giving his money, and all they did was beat him and still to beat him when he was down, and they would have continued to do so and probably would have killed him if his friends hadn’t come back.”

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