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After a hard day of working at the office and finishing some well needed work at my house, I had to grab a late night bite before calling it a night.

I don’t get to watch television often but when I do I usually check out some good reality television shows. This night I actually wasn’t looking for any reality shows but I just so happened to turn on the TV and one was coming on.

Unfortunately the premiere of Basketball Wives Season 4 was coming on. At first I was curious to see how the show would make its debut. I also wanted to see who they would add to the cast this season. Surprisingly it only took about 10 minutes of me watching the show to realize that this was the worst programming on television and was wrong on so many levels. I became so angry as I watched I felt it was my responsibility to tell you why you shouldn’t be entertained by this foolery. So here is why:

1. This Is Not Reality TV – Reality television was originally created to show real people in real life situations. It was meant to connect with the audience because they could relate. First off, this show has taken more of the real life moments out of it since the first season. The season premiere was filled with awkward meet-ups and contrived catty conversations purposely set up to create conflict. The show’s executive producer Shawny, like always, sits there silent as Evelyn and Jennifer go at it over he say she say. The two new girls are interrogated, manipulated, and thrown right into the drama. Tami Roman’s attitude in this episode was strictly confrontational and the rest were the same. Is this reality? No, it’s stupidity for anyone who engages in it.

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2. It Makes Black Women Look Bad – Their not even basketball wives! They are bitter women put in a show that exploits their insecurities and mistrust. At the same time the show gives these women enough fame that they become vain and feel the need to keep up the drama to stay in the spotlight. I know that shows like Real Housewives and Mob Wives show white women doing the same thing but it’s already hard enough for us to shed negative images. Why support something that supports the stereotypes that keep us down. It’s crazy what some people will do for money.

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3. Negativity Breeds More Negativity – Whether we admit it or not, life imitates art and even if you say “I don’t act like that” believe me the acts of these women are rubbing off on more people each episode. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Evelyn or Royce quotes flow from women’s lips. Even if you are mature and would never subscribe to those types of behaviors, there is some young black woman fashioning her style and behavior after one of these characters. It’s not cute to act like these women. Don’t let your young girls watch this show. I believe they will become less intelligent and classy and become more catty and ignorant for doing so. Never underestimate the power of television and it’s influence on society.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed plenty of reality shows. I’ve laughed at the drama, talked about the issues on the show, and have even anticipated the next season. But you can tell when the producers are pushing for the drama and when a situation seems contrived. These women meeting in random places, and it’s usually to “discuss” something. It never turns out right.

I am officially boycotting this show and I believe you should too. Shawny should be ashamed at how she this show is shaping up to be.