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You may have been reading some of our grooming tips thinking, “I’m getting my Freeway/ Rick Ross look on so I’m good on the shaving,” but you’d be wrong. Even if you decided that the late Barry White is your new life coach and mentor, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay special care to maintaining that look. Here are some quick tips for keeping you out of the #strugglebeard Olympics.

1) Prep: As we’ve stated in previous posts, you should have several items nearby; a warm cloth, a facial cleanser (like Gillette’s Fusion ProSeries Sensitive Face Wash, a razor or clippers and a mirror.

2) Wash your face and/or massage with the warm cloth to soften your skin.

3) Apply the shaving cream above and below your beard, establishing a rough outline of the area to be shaved.

4) Starting at your cheeks, shave downward in the direction of hair growth until you meet the edge of your beard. use short, even strokes rinsing your shaver periodically of any loose hair.

5) For under your chin you want to use upward strokes this time, going in the direction of hair growth. Keep your strokes short and even so you keep a neat line.

6) After wiping down your face, use a trimmer or scissors to bring your beard to the desired height. The key is that you want it to be even regardless of how thick or thin you keep it. If you use a trimmer, make sure the guard is it a level that will take some hair off but won’t let the clipper touch your skin.

7) If you’re using a scissor you may want to comb (or brush your beard) to make sure you’re cutting at it’s true length. Take a little bit off at a time (a 1/4 inch) starting under your chin. This way you’ll be comfortable and have real clear idea of how much length you want by the time you get to the upper parts.

8)  When you’re done, brush away the loose hairs and apply after shave.