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The Un ‘Cool’ Truth:

Exposing The Infiltration Of Drugs And Alcohol In Our Communities (Part 1)

Radio One Columbus has teamed up with the Franklin County Urban Coalition to expose the ugly truth about how drugs and alcohol are not only accepted in low income communities, but are pushed onto the youth through marketing and media.

To many people who live in low-income communities, being exposed to alcohol and drugs is very common.  Beyond common, in many ways drugs and alcohol are portrayed as a part of a lifestyle in the ‘hood’ or community in which many of us have grown up.  How many of us can speak on the many ways we are exposed to cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol starting at a young age.  And as time goes on the messages become more blatant and direct.  The music we listen to, the signs at every corner store in the ‘hood’.  These messages are intended to make one believe that it is ‘cool’ or the norm to drink and smoke.

The uncool’ truth is that the same images and messages we are exposed to in our communities are part of a problem that plagues many of our lives.  So over the next month we are going to focus on exposing these ‘norms’ and gathering as much information as possible so that we may address these issues head on spark the beginning of a new movement, a movement that speaks out to those who continue to attempt to brainwash the people in our communities into believing that partaking in drugs and alcohol are a part of our lives.  Let’s start this week by educating ourselves on the exposure to drugs and alcohol on the youth.  Here is an excerpt from a research article published in 2008 by a collaborative of scientists from various universities in ‘Psychological Science’

ABSTRACT—Exposure to alcohol and illicit drugs during early adolescence has been associated with poor outcomes in adulthood. However, many adolescents with exposure to these substances also have a history of conduct problems, which raises the question of whether early exposure to alcohol and drugs leads to poor outcomes only for those adolescents who are already at risk. In a 30-year pro-spective study, we tested whether there was evidence that early substance exposure can be a causal factor for adolescents’ future lives. After propensity-score matching, early-exposed adolescents remained at an increased risk for a number of poor outcomes. Approximately 50% of adolescents exposed to alcohol and illicit drugs prior to age 15 had no conduct-problem history, yet were still at an increased risk for adult substance dependence, herpes infection, early pregnancy, and crime. Efforts to reduce or delay early substance exposure may prevent a wide range of adult health problems and should not be restricted to adolescents who are already at risk.


Join The Franklin County Urban Coalition in gathering real data from real people that live in these target communities everyday.  If you or someone you know lives in one of THESE  Columbus communities (43204, 43205, 43206, 43211, & 43223) or in a low income community within the Columbus Metropolitan area, encourage them to fill out the FCUC Survey to find out more about the people who live in these communities and to learn about how drugs and alcohol affect their daily lives.  The survey is just the start and to give you extra incentive to help FCUC gather this vital information, they are giving away daily, weekly, and monthly prizes including iTunes gift cards, iPod Nanos, and an iPad 3! So there is no excuse to log on and help change the so-called ‘norms’ in our communities.


And find out more about The Franklin County Urban Coalition HERE  at