Different types of alcoholic drinks have different affects on different people. It doesn’t matter what kind of booze you drink.  Knock back enough, and you’ll do things you regret. Someone polled 2,000 drinkers, and asked what type of alcohol they were drinking when they did stupid stuff.  Here’s what they found . . According to, […]

So, the question is, how early is too early to drink on the weekend? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this before. Well, we can stop saying, “It’s five o’clock somewhere.” Because a LOT of us think it’s okay to drink EARLIER than that.  At least on weekends. According YouGOV, more than 2,500 Americans were asked […]

Once the pandemic started, one of the things that people began to stockpile on, besides sanitizer and toilet paper, is alcoholic beverages. Surveys are now showing some are drinking that alcohol while on the job as they work from home. According to, they don’t seem to be throwing back the hard stuff though, they’re […]

The holidays are upon us and it’s time for those company Christmas parties. They can be fun or turn into a total disaster, so here are some tips for you to survive hanging with your co-workers on a personal level. Now, company Christmas parties can be a little tricky when alcohol is involved. So make […]

Can snacks serve up valuable life advice? We’ve sobbed “WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LEAVE” at bags of Utz on several occasions, but the spokesgirl has never provided an answer. That’s probably for the best. Thankfully, Frito-Lay have gotten around to engineering a bag of chips that can give some some necessary answers. Namely, is that […]

As a gin connoisseur, it made perfect sense to have Snoop oversee Tanqueray’s new Gin & Juice campaign.


According to Fox 28, the alcohol limit in beer could go from 12% to 21% if Ohio lawmakers pass House Bill 68. That amount of alcohol is equivalent to drinking 5 beers in one sitting. State Rep. Dan Ramos has been trying to get the Bill passed for several years. He first introduced it three […]


According to Fox 28, Columbus police made six OVI arrests while conducting two sobriety checkpoints this weekend. The first checkpoint operated on Friday, August 21 at E. Livingston Ave. and Shady Lane Rd. between the hours of 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. The second checkpoint operated at E. Livingston Ave. and Barnett Rd. on Saturday, […]

The woman is a participant of different recovery support groups including AA and sexual addiction.  She has reportedly been on a downward spiral since her…

Say what?! Jasmine Sanders reports drinking alcohol could actually make you appear more attractive. Listen to the audio player to hear what drinking a glass of wine…

You most likely have no idea how many calories you’re drinking when you go out, but a new FDA requirement will change that. Listen to…

  AVON LAKE, Ohio–A Lorain County father of two is outraged after he said a popular restaurant served his nine-year-old son alcohol. The father, who…