After the events that happened in Columbus last summer, City Council has been spearheading an initiative to reimagine safety in our community but influenced by the citizens.  But what does that mean?  It means that City Council wants the people of Columbus to give input on how we can improve accountability for the Division […]

  This survey kind of makes me want to be in my golden years fast, because it all sounds great and carefree. According to a new survey of people over 65, you don’t actually become “old” until you hit 77.  And even then, 90% say you’re “only as old as you feel.”  They also shared […]

Hey Parents, have you talked to your graduating senior about their plans for college and how soon they plan to start? With all the uncertainties, a large percentage of seniors are opting to take a gap year and begin their freshman year of college in 2021. According to BusinessInsider, a lot of graduating high school […]

The Un ‘Cool’ Truth: Exposing The Infiltration Of Drugs And Alcohol In Our Communities (Part 1) Radio One Columbus has teamed up with the Franklin County Urban Coalition to expose the ugly truth about how drugs and alcohol are not only accepted in low income communities, but are pushed onto the youth through marketing and media. To […]

Allure magazine polled 2,000 men and women from across the country to find out “what’s beautiful now.” Read some of their findings below regarding confidence, fitness, age and weight! African-American Women Have Killer Confidence African-American women were three times as likely as Caucasian women to rate themselves at the hot end of the spectrum. Women […]