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It all began as a bunch of popular and hilarious skits that aired during the broadcast of the 2011 BET Awards. Two years later, Real Husbands of Hollywood is a BET television series starring Kevin HartJ.B. Smoove,Boris KodjoeNick Cannon and Robin Thicke. The mock-reality series follows the stars through their daily and surreal adventures in Hollywood. caught up with Husbands stars Hart and Smoove, who shared why this series is must-see TV for all comedy lovers.

Why did you want to commit to Real Husbands of Hollywood?

Kevin Hart: We’re mocking what everybody makes fun of on a regular basis. It’s ridiculous.  They’re fighting. They’re going back and forth. We’re putting a group of men together that are talented enough and aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves. We’re catty. We’re not getting along. We’re getting along. We’re friends. We’re not friends, but we’re doing it in a fun way. It’s unique. It hasn’t been done, which means it will be big.

What do you think about the show being criticized as offensive or that it promotes negative racial stereotypes?

J.B. Smoove: I think that’s irrelevant, your statement, because funny is funny and men are going to be men — white men, Black men, Indian men. We all do the same stupid stuff over and over again, and that’s why it’s called Real Husbands. We just happen to live in Hollywood.

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