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Fitness gurus eager to spice up their cardio regimen will tell you that sex is exercise. They are lying. It only counts as exercise if you do it for a living  and on camera. Take it from porn A-lister James Deen’s doctor. Deen tells GQ:

“My doctor actually told me that sex doesn’t count as cardio and working out. And then the next time I saw him he had seen one of my scenes, and he told me, “You are OK.” In the film world, people don’t realize you’re not just having sex. Sex on camera can be anywhere from 20 minutes to four hours. … It’s also not just standard sex, like, “Let’s just make each other’s bodies feel good.” It’s physical, entertainment-style sex. So while you might ride a motorcycle in a certain way when you’re driving to work, if you’re a stunt person and you’re going to ride that motorcycle on camera, you’re going to do a totally different style of motorcycle riding. My whole point is that because of the on-camera sex, I have this insane style of stunt sex. It actually is very physically strenuous. It’s a good workout. All the positioning and weird things. My doctor said so! Doctor-approved workout.”

You can tell this doctor is trustworthy because he was dedicated enough to view his patient’s pornographic ouevre. SOURCE