Should couples wear masks during sex? Is the corona virus passed through sex? That’s what researchers are saying, they also added that you should avoid kissing too.   According to the, researchers from Harvard University who studied the risks of passing corona virus through sex now say that couples should wear mask during intercourse. […]


So, it turns out that Tiffany Haddish wasn’t lying about her tryst with Chingy back in the day! Chingy denied and the two went back and forth leaving us wondering if this was just another one of her outrageous stories. Now, Chingy is admitting that it happened. Check out Tiffany telling Ellen about sleeping with […]


This is so not fair! Ladies! Did you know that on the average, you are losing six whole years of great sex in your lifetime because of your menstrual cycle? The thought of this just makes you want to throw your uterus away but a new company has developed ways around this issue. According to […]


Oh, So, Siri is a little freak, huh? There is a new report out that says that Apple’s Siri routinely records you having sex.   A report from The Guardian says that Apple’s “Siri” automated assistant routinely gets activated without anyone saying, “Hey, Siri” and often records sensitive conversations, or even users having sex. Siri […]


Ok, so this is an interesting study! Just how long do men wait to change their sheets after a sexual encounter? What a new study reveals may surprise you. According to a new study from Mattress Advisor, men say they wait about 11 days to change sheets that have been “soiled through sexual activity,” while […]

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Ways for Singles to Celebrate Valentine’s Day By TresSugar Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday for couples – it’s a holiday of love, which…


What can we say, sex sells. Late rapper, Tupac Shakur, just had a piece of sex art that he drew, sell at an auction for a little over $21K. ****Picture May Be Graphic To Some**** The drawings show Pac and his then-girlfriend, Desiree Smith, having sex on a couch, along with the words “Missing You Deeply” […]


Kanye knows exactly what to say to get people talking. According to his new released track called, “XTCY,” he wants to have sex with his sister in laws.  In the new song, he spits, “You got sick thoughts? I got more of em’. You got a sister in law you would smash? I got four […]

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It’s not out of the ordinary to hear tennis players moan and yell every time they serve a ball or execute a forearm swing. However, it is out of the ordinary to have yells and moans pierce the air when it’s not coming from an athlete. This is exactly what happened recently at a Sarasota […]

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4/7/17- Jacque Reid talks to the Detox Doctor, Eshe Faizah about men and women’s sex lives and why everyone is susceptible to having health challenges. Click the link below to hear the entire interview.


Cardi B is never one to hold back, regardless of popular opinion. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, the reality star got even more candid when it came to talking about her sex life. She admitted that she’s not really into women as much as she is into satisfying her man by putting on […]


AUSTIN, TX (RNN) – A Texas state representative filed a bill Friday that would levy a $100 penalty on a man for masturbating. “#HB4260, “A Man’s Right to Know,” mirrors real TX laws and health care restrictions faced by TX women every (Texas legislature) session,” wrote Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, on Twitter. The legislation states […]