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imagesFor the past three years, Central Ohio has been pushing towards a hefty goal when it comes to new jobs. The goal of Columbus 2020 is to add 150,000 new jobs in 10 years. So where do they stand? Where are the areas of growth to help you find employment?

Shaleana Douglass is a lead technician at VSP One, a Columbus company that makes lenses for eyeglasses. After moving from Indianapolis, she didn’t know what to expect from Central Ohio, but she certainly didn’t expect to land in the manufacturing industry.

“It was not something I said, ‘Hey that’s what I’m going to do.’ It was pretty much something where the opportunity had presented itself and I took advantage of it to see where it would take me,” says Douglass.

She was promoted in just four months.

Douglass is like so many others. The job growth in Columbus has been strong the last couple of years, despite the slow economic turnaround. Experts at Columbus 2020 credit the diverse nature of our region. With their goal of 150,000 net jobs by 2020, they say they are on track. In the past two and a half years, they have added 45,000 in the region. That means they are a third of the way there.

Their Vice President, Patty Huddle, says the biggest areas of growth are in the health care industry and logistics.

While manufacturing has always been a strong sector for Columbus, it’s one in need of attention.

“We’d like to help get the word out that there’s great opportunity and potential, financial reward for people who want to pursue careers in that field,” says Huddle.

So we have the jobs, but we need the talent. It’s an issue felt across the nation too.

Huddle is certain that in the coming years, their goals will be met, and soon, Columbus will be globally recognized.

Other areas gaining ground in central Ohio are agriculture, insurance and finance.

Just last week, J.P. Morgan Chase announced they are trying to bring 500 new jobs to Dublin. WATCH VIDEO HERE

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