The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission released its top 40 regional high-crash intersections for 2009-11.

The intersections were ranked based on a formula that considers the number of crashes, traffic volume and severity.

According to MORPC, the top 10 high-crash intersections are:

1. Cleveland Avenue @ Morse Road

2. W Broad Street/US 40 @ N Wilson Road

3. Innis Road @ Westerville Road/SR 3

4. Cleveland Avenue @ Oakland Park

5. E Dublin Granville Road/SR 161 @ Maple Canyon Drive

6. Morse Road @ Westerville Road/SR 3

7. S Hamilton Road/SR 317@ E Livingston Avenue

8. E Broad Street/SR 16 @ Waggoner Road

9. E Broad Street/SR 16 @ James Road

10. S Central Avenue/Harrisburg Pike @ W Mound Street

MORPC Transportation Director Robert Lawler said that crashes continue to decline year by year.

“It is important that we continue to improve our roads and practice safer driving behavior. Crashes don’t only take an emotional and physical toll on victims and their families, but also take an economic toll on all of us through higher medical and insurance costs, lost wages, and damage to property.  We encourage everyone to buckle-up, drive defensively and avoid distractions such as texting or talking on their cell phone,” Lawler said.


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