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If you thought it was hard to dodge calls from your overbearing parents, imagine living in China. On Monday, the country issued anew law that forces children to visit and check up on their elderly parents (above the age of 60) or risk being sued or face penalties. The new legislation does not specify how often the children have to visit nor does it outline the penalties, but officials hope the law raises awareness to elderly neglect.

While it comes as a shocker to the outside world, the citizens of China are quite familiar with the issue seeing as Chinese parents have already been suing their children for emotional support. Just the other day, a court in Wuxi ruled that a woman and her husband must visit her 77 year-old mother, who lives 25 miles from the couple, at least once every two months in addition to mandatory holiday visits or else face possible fines and detention.

We all know how annoying our parents can be sometimes, but damn, China.

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