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After nearly 24 hours on the run, a Mansfield Correctional Institution prisoner was captured by customers at an old general store Thursday night.

James Myers went to prison three years ago and was serving a sentence of 40 years to life for rape, burglary and other charges.

Police alerted area businesses about the prison escapee, arming them with his photo and information of the danger he posed.  Locals took notice and some took action.

Myers’ photo was plastered on businesses around the prison, where Myers escaped Wednesday night.

Residents said they knew who to look for, but never imagined they’d encounter him.

The young staff at the Olivesburg General Store 9 miles away from the prison said the sexually violent offender entered the store and asked to use the telephone. He paid for an ice tea, and about 10 minutes later, he was about to pay for a Snickers bar.

“Just giving me the money, the coins passing over to me, and out of nowhere this guy came and just tackled him, It was pretty awesome. He wasn’t getting up,” clerk Lydia Miller said.

Surveillance video showed the customer dressed in a patriotic shirt slamming the 47-year-old prison escapee.

The general store employees tell NBC4 that Myers placed his change for his purchase on the wanted poster that was on the store’s counter. They also said he was wearing a jail guard’s jacket that said MCI on it. SOURCE

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