They are crazy just like y’all. (Laughs). I’m in that group too. I don’t exclude myself. I just think and I know that there’s a certain personality that’s attracted to the position. When you used to go to football camps everyone wanted to be a running back. Now the running backs are getting phased out of the NFL. Now the basic formation is three wide receivers. You got a football camp now kids either want to be a quarterback or a wide receiver. Not only because catching a football is fun but because of the way you can show off your ability. Now these kids are gravitating to the position because their role models have been T.O. and Chad and these guys have had spectacular career.

TJMS: So tell us one of the craziest things you’ve ever done on or off the field?

I’ve done several things but despite my off the field behavior, I used to hang out. One time in Philadelphia, we went to a club, then we went to another club and then instead of going home I went to the stadium. I told the security guard I’m going to be in my car sleeping, wake me up when they come. I was afraid if I went home, I would oversleep. (Laughs).

(Photo: Middletown Journal)

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