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A Raggedy Ann doll is now part of a police investigation in Powell.

That doll was once a reminder of something positive for 11-year-old Bella.

“She actually won that at a coloring contest,” said Cami Amato, Bella’s mother.

Amato says her daughter noticed the doll was missing then, one day last month, she says Bella went to take their dog outside and found the doll.

It was lying right outside their front door.

“The throat was cut and the letter was stuffed down in the throat,” said Amato

The note stuffed into the doll read, “This is a warning that you should kill yourself before I do.”

“I was just shocked,” said Bella

Her mother says it is scary that something was likely taken out of her home and then brought back in such a horrible way.

She says she hopes police can figure out who left the toy outside her door.

“I know that there is a lot of bullying that does go on in the schools and picking on kids and all that.  But this went to a whole different level,” said Amato

More than a month later, the investigation continues.

The letter, as well as the doll, is still considered evidence. But Bella says she is not interested in getting the doll back.

“I don’t want it back,” said Bella, “Bad memories.”

Bella says she hopes to create some new memories when she starts school tomorrow. She plans to be a student who stands up to bullying. SOURCE

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