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Jerry Jones has one of the most hated football teams in the NFL and is one of the most recognized coaches in the league as well. So you know some were salivating at the chops for him to mess up just so they can jump on the opportunity to make his life miserable. Well it may not be that bad but some recent comments Jerry made may have made it that much easier for the Jerry haters to do what they do best.

Just like any other night out with the fellas, Jerry had some drinks and started talking trash about some coaches and players. But this time someone caught him on tape. And oh boy is Jerry going to have to pay for it. According to HIPHOPWIRED

In the video, Jones comments on The Big Tuna Bill Parcell, with lines saying: “He’s not worth sh*t,” and “I only hired him to help get the new stadium.”

Jones then continues his drunken verbal slaughter on Heisman Winning Quarter back Tim Tebow. As if poor Timmy hasn’t heard enough of his future failure in the league, Jones threw some verbal punches with lines like, “We’d never take him, ’cause he’d never get on the field.”

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Now thats just uncalled for Jerry (while I’m laughing at the video). I bet Jerry wouldn’t talk about any of these guys…

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