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“Basketball Wives LA” Is So Annoying, But We Can’t Stop Watching


“Basketball Wives LA” should change its name to “Everybody Hates Draya” because…everybody hates Draya (besides Malaysia Pargo and Brandi). We’re starting to believe that these women want to see Draya hurt because she looks good. There’s no other reason besides that chick who found out Draya was sleeping with her baby’s father years ago. But, no one actually cares about her. Is she still on the show?

Last night, Sundy and Jackie Christie, who are oddly the best of friends agreed to sit down once more with all of the girls to hash out their differences. Jackie agreed to meet with the ladies after saying this about her “friend” Draya:

“The mileage on her body is in the 40s. 50s! She’s really older. She’s used and abused herself to the point of no return so now you gotta man that’s willing to say, ‘Okay, you dirty, you filthy – come here. Let me bathe you and wash you cause you so dirty and filthy. And then we’ll buy you some stuff to make you look pretty.’ You know what I’m saying? But you cannot make a ho into a housewife.”

Well the girls all got together (and in case you haven’t seen this scenario played out 15 million times on any of the prior “Basketball Wives” or “Love & Hip Hop Hop” seasons ). It didn’t go so well and the episode ended with a preview to next week’s fight between Draya and shady boots Sundy.

Check out the full episode, below:

What do you all think about this week’s episode?

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