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Rapper, actor, comedian and pretty much all around entertainment mogul, Nick Cannon sent #TeamBeautiful an exclusive response to us giving his Whiteface album promotion the side eye (watch his video response above).

Must Read: #TeamBeautiful Appears On ‘Good Morning America’ To Side Eye Nick Cannon’s Whiteface Album Promotion

Recently, Nick decided he wanted to be an artist again and came out with his first studio album in 10 years, “White People Party Music.” And to promote this new album, Nick did what any comedian/rapper would do; he used his talents, his sense of humor to get us to pay attention. Enter: Connor Smallnut and Brock Landers, the White men Nick created by going in Whiteface to promote this album.

I am not the biggest fan of anyone, no matter what your race is, painting their faces  a different color to represent another race, for a cheap laugh. I’m a fan of Eddie Murphy, but I’ve never been here for his White characters. I adore Martin Lawrence, but when White Bob from marketing comes into a scene on a rerun of “Martin,” I use that time for a bathroom break. That’s just me.

When insensitive racists want to paint on Blackface and attempt to continue the humiliation my ancestors faced as minstrel shows became the best entertainment out, I’m more than merely offended, I’m outraged. I understand the painful history behind Blackface and I realize that Whiteface doesn’t share the same pain.

However, there’s a slight double standard here. I condemn White people in Blackface, therefore I do the same to Black people in Whiteface. That was my exact stance when I was asked to appear on “Good Morning America” to talk about Nick Cannon in Whiteface.

I still feel that way right now. I will always respect Nick Cannon’s place in the industry. I just don’t have to like and/or respect everything that he does. I appreciate Nick for reaching out and sending us this message, reminding us that he’s a comedian first and he’s “back on his artist sh*t.” That doesn’t mean you have to automatically go for racial humor, does it? And just like he said at the end of this short video clip, I say, “Whatever.”

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