Columbus:  Letha Pugh, the owner of Bake Me Happy, a black-owned gluten-free bakery in Merion Village, made the decision to close her bakery in Merion Village after racist and violent threats were made via telephone. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   The first call came in around 9 am on Sunday, […]


Mitsubishi has a racial discrimination lawsuit on their hands. Friday, four elevator mechanics filed a lawsuit against Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. and Mitsubishi Electric US Holdings, Inc. According to Katherine Zaremba of the California Civil Rights Law Group, in their complaint, they describe supervisors at Mitsubishi referring to Black workers as “undesirables,” “lazy,” and “dumb […]


  Ohio Democratic Senator Tina Maharath broke down in session today while having discussions about racism. This session was being held to further discuss the proposal to declare racism a public health crisis. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   Senator Maharath fears that sending her child back to school will lead to racism […]

National News

The retailer trying to avoid another “monkey” ad debacle in the future. Looks like H&M is working to correct its ignorance by hiring black marketers in South Africa. After being globally dragged for it’s “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” hoodie ad, H&M stores were vandalized in cities in South Africa. Despite the retailer admitting to […]

Sports News

The last of the “good-ole-boy” racing fans feeling butt hurt with black excellence. America has our very own Lewis Hamilton in stock car racing. Darrell Bubba Wallace will be the first African American to race full-time in NASCAR since Wendell Scott in 1971. Participating in a sport know for hanging Confederate flags around its venue […]


The Houston Texans owner said in private owners meeting, “We can not allow the inmates to run the prison.” In case you had any doubt of the slave mentality the NFL may have, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair just showed the league and fans alike that it reigns true. “We can’t have the inmates running the […]

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Who is on these companies public relations team? Kellogg became another company being dragged for their racist messaging. Marvel comics writer notice a racist undertone in the food company’s latest artwork promoting Corn Pops. https://twitter.com/saladinahmed/status/922840667277135872 One thing is for sure, the company was quick to address the situation, apologize and update the artwork. Why do […]

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The outrage after Charlottesville carries over this weekend in Boston. Thousands are in Boston to protest and debate one of the country’s important amendments, freedom of speech. A free speech rally was held in downtown Boston Saturday that showcased many on the alt-right saying the First Amendment was being destroyed by counter-protesters on the left. […]


A Mayoral race in St. Petersburg, FL got real and ugly with one of the candidates had this message to say to his African American constituents. Huffington Post reports that an attendee at a Tuesday forum asked both candidates Paul Congemi and Jesse Nevel what the town could do to offer more opportunities to young […]


An image of a white toddler clutching a black baby doll has gone viral, along with the story behind it. Brandi Benner had told her two-year-old daughter that she could pick out a new toy as a reward for potty training, and when they went to Target to do so, the little girl picked out […]

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In another tale of a group of White people having no tact, a prom proposal was layered with racism thanks to a group of teens posing with a sign that has sparked outrage. The teenagers, who allegedly attend Monarch High School in Florida, posed for a photo where the two White girls stand with a Black girl […]

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In Denison, Texas, an eighteen-year-old White woman ran into a church and told congregants that she had been kidnapped and raped by three masked Black men. The accuser, Breana Harmon Talbott, appeared bloody and battered. She was only wearing a bra, T-shirt and underwear. Talbott’s serious claims incited racist tweets and posts across her community. One social […]