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A smiling couple lying on their bed at home

Be thoughtful, communicate, compromise, and be respectful. These are just a few of the tenets of a successful and fulfilling relationship.

But now, experts are saying there’s another surprising thing you should be focusing on as well: sleep.

According to a new study, how couples sleep together can provide surprising insights into the effectiveness and quality of their relationship.

“One of the most important differences involves touching,” study author Richard Wiseman, a psychology professor the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K., said in a university news release.

Per the results of the study, the farther apart couples slept, the less likely they were to be happy:

  • 86 percent of those who slept less than an inch apart were happy with their relationship
  • 66 percent of those who slept more than 30 inches apart were happy with their relationship

But What If You Can’t Sleep Together?

Many experts agree that couples who cuddle tend to have healthier marriages because it helps deepen feelings of intimacy and comfort.

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