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07/29/14 –

Dear Tom,

I am nominating my brother to be a real father real man because of everything he has done for our family. My brother troy enlisted and served 5 years in the U.S. Army before getting medically discharged in 2008. While in, he used his personal leave and drove all the way from Ft. Knox, Kentucky to help evacuate my mother and family who were displaced because of hurricane Katrina. During that tumultuous time he also helped our mother with rent and bills when she was unable to work and struggling to raise our younger brother and sister, then 13 and 6, ultimately carrying them all financially for two years.

Following discharge, troy served as a contractor overseas during the Iraqi war. While he was overseas i needed a car, as a newly single mom, so he gave me his old caprice. When that car broke down, he helped me with a down payment for a better car. He paid my car note, rent, and day care fees.

Thanks to him i became the first person in my entire family to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Troy currently works as an auto technician on a meager salary compared to what he used to make. He’s decided to go to school to pursue his degree in economics; using the GI bill to pay his tuition, fees, and housing.

Recently paid him visit and just happened to look in his closet and saw his wardrobe. Most of his clothing is outdated, some of which he cannot fit anymore, and 90% of the time he is wearing his navy blue mechanic jumpsuits everywhere he goes. Tom it would mean the world to me if you could help me help my brother.


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