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Dear Tom,

I met Eric back in 2010; he was recovering from a tumor removal surgery from his face.  The surgeons had to remove his jawbone, break one of his fibula bones from his right leg and used it to replace the jawbone.

His grandmother died while he was recovering.  They were very close.  Her dying wish was for him return to school and finish his degree.

After his recovery, he went back to work as a server at Dave & Busters while attending classes again at Morgan State – taking very difficult math classes necessary for his degree plan.  In 2012, our daughter, melody, was born.

Eric worked 40 hours a week, studied day & night and still found family time.  Then in 2013, we had our second daughter – Evelyn.  During this time, he was taking courses like thermodynamics, differential equations and calculus 3.

Eric was always busy but he finally found time for us to get married.  Earlier this year, we found out we had a souvenir from our honeymoon – baby number 3 due in late September!

He will be fulfilling his grandmother’s dying wish when he receives his degree in electrical engineering this December.

Now, I know we live in raven’s nation but my husband was born and raised in Pittsburgh.  He bleeds black & gold and I would love for him to attend a Steelers game.

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