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Anthony Wunder, the 21 year old Ohio State student, that ran onto the field during last Saturday’s game vs Cincinnati is getting hit left and right with punishment!  Literally.  First he was body-slammed by a coach then he was arrested and is now facing trespassing charges and NOW he  is losing his full tuition and housing scholarship.  Damn Gina!

According to the Dispatch Wunder’s attorney, Mark Collins, told them,

Collins said that Wunder was told yesterday by the Evans Scholars program that Wunder has lost his scholarship with the program. Collins also said that Wunder is no longer living in the Evans Scholars house.

Collins, however, said that Wunder remains enrolled at Ohio State. He is a fourth-year student in a five-year engineering program, Collins said.

The nonprofit Evans Scholars Foundation gives academic awards to college students who have served as golf caddies.

Wunder plead not guilty in court to charges and is asking for jury trial.

Just in case you missed the mortal combat style body slam:


I hope it was worth it….. who am I kidding it wasn’t worth it!  You know how much it cost to go to Ohio State?!


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