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The rest of the world may have forgotten about the girls kidnapped from a school in Nigeria, but Alicia Keys has not and she’s doing something about it.

As of Tuesday, it’s been six months since Boko Haram abducted more than 230 girls in the middle of the night. Some of them have been able to escape, but not all of them are home with their families yet. Like many people, Alicia wants each and every one of the girls returned home safely.

Since the girls were kidnapped—and because people generally can’t seem to focus on more than one cause at a time-Alicia held a protest outside of the Nigerian Consulate in New York today. The Huffington Post reports that she and her husband, Swizz Beatz, gathered with 30 people to demand, “Bring back our girls!”

They could also be heard chanting, “When do we want them? Now! Now! Alive!”

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Although Alicia had plenty of reason to celebrate today, she didn’t want to let the girls be forgotten. Nothing short of going into labor (she’s pregnant with her second child) was going to keep her from calling attention to the ongoing issue.

“Today is my son’s birthday and it is also making me stand in solidarity with all the mothers of the Chibok girls who have been abducted for six months and are still missing,” Alicia said during the protest. “It is just outrageous that that’s going on.”

Since the public hasn’t heard much about the matter in weeks, many assume that it’s been resolved. Afterall, it was reported last month that Boko haram was willing to return a handful of the girls in exchange for some of their own captured soldiers. However, no such trade actually occurred. Still, it was enough to fuel the supposition that girls had been released, and Alicia is seeking to fight against that misinformation.

“Some people have even told me they’ve heard things about `there’s been progress,’ but there hasn’t been progress because the girls aren’t back,” Keys said. “So I think that we get mixed information. We don’t know, so we just have to keep being made aware of what’s happening.”


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