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Uh oh, are you ready for new music from New Edition? Well, according to Vibe Magazine,  Johnny Gill is preparing to drop a new album Game Changer next month. In an interview with HipHop Hollywood, the venerable R&B veteran also revealed a gem — there’s a New Edition record on the album.

“My brothers, New Edition, we have a song on there with all of us, “For Me & You,” and it’s like just a grown folks song,” Gill said.

The move created so much good energy between the six member group that they’ve decided to record an entire album– their first since 2004’s One Love.

“We’re actually just trying to get the scheduling together to start going in. We want to definitely visit Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis which is where it’s all been for us, making them a part of our lives and part of this journey as we move forward,” Gill said. Gill’s seventh solo effort, Game Changer, hits stores on December 9th.


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