I don’t know about you, but I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ with these crazy high winds. I thought I would look out of the window and not be in Columbus anymore. According to Fox 28, the cold front moving through Central Ohio today caused a lot of problems and damage. Many large trees were knocked over and even traffic lights were knocked off their poles.

Large trucks had a hard time staying in their lanes today in Union County. ABC 6/FOX 28 also found a power pole hanging on after it had snapped at the base.

In the metro area, many loose items in yards were being tossed into the neighbors yards, including a trampoline a Hilliard woman found in her backyard. It knocked over her A/C Unit when it crashed into her house.

In downtown Columbus, a window was dislodged from the Rhodes Tower and Broad Street was shutdown for fear it may break free. Crews will repair the glass Tuesday when the winds calm, but Broad will be closed between High and Third until then.

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