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According to 10TV, if you plan to ring in the New Year with a celebratory gunshot into the sky, Columbus Police have a word for you: Don’t. They are re-launching a city-wide campaign in hopes of stopping people from shooting their guns into the air as they welcome the New Year.

For one Columbus woman, the plea and the pain are very personal.

It was supposed to be a day of celebration and fun with her friends. Jasmine Coleman-Sammur was 16-years-old.

It was Red White and Boom 2009, but she remembers it like it was yesterday. “I was standing there, we were just talking, and I just felt this pain,” she said. “Not like a pain, but a burning sensation.”

It was in her right breast. She says it was 30 minutes before she realized how serious it was. “I just kept feeling a burning pain and I was like, ‘Oh my God what is this?’ And I just kept rubbing and rubbing. I thought it was like a bug or something. And my friend was like, ‘You have a hole in your shirt.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ Then I looked down and I see the hole, and I look in my other shirt and then I just see a whole bunch of blood. It was so scary.”

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