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dr harris

The fate of Dr. Gene Harris has finally been decided. According to 10TV, former Columbus City Schools Superintendent Gene Harris pleaded no contest in court on Wednesday to dereliction of duty charges.

Harris, 61, was implicated in connection with the district’s attendance data-scrubbing scandal. A judge sentenced Harris to a year of probation and 100 hours of community service. She could have been given up to 90 days in jail for the misdemeanor. She also lost her teaching license.

The charge against Harris doesn’t imply she participated in the number changing, only that she presided over a district in which dozens of administrators who worked for her did, and she failed to stop it.

Harris has always said she didn’t know anything about the data manipulation.

Two other administrators, Stephen Tankovich and Stanley Pyle, have been sentenced. Tankovich, the former data czar, spent several weeks in jail. Pyle was given probation.

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