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Uh oh, snow may be coming our way.

Via 10TV

This Evening: Partly sunny skies and cool.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy and cold. Low 19.

Tomorrow: Windy with snow showers and rapidly falling temperatures from an early high of 26.

Sunday: Record cold likely with a high of only 6 above. Wind chill readings of 10-20 below likely with some areas even colder.

Special Information:

AFTERNOON UPDATE– An even stronger Arctic blast moves into Ohio tomorrow with snow showers and very windy weather. Snow will begin around 9AM with total accumulations between 1-2 inches depending where you live,. More significant will be the wind and cold. Wind gusts to 40 mph are possible with rapidly falling temperatures. Saturday’s high of 26 happens early in the day with temperatures falling below zero by Sunday morning. Wind chills of -20 are likely with some areas seeing dangerously cold wind chills to -30. A WIND CHILL WATCH has been issued north of Columbus and may be expanded south as a result of the anticipated extreme cold.

Alerts : WIND CHILL WATCH for wind chills to -30 north of Columbus.

Inconvenient Weather: 1-2 inches of snow and dangerously cold temperatures. Wind gusts to 40mph also possible on Saturday.